Regardless of whether you’ve got a clean car only you ever use, or you’re transporting loads of sweaty children to and from dance class, your car interior isn’t complete without a few essential items. These things are good for having on your daily commute and on long trips. You can’t anticipate the unexpected, but you can keep yourself prepared for many things that might happen while you’re driving.


Being caught without money is stressful. Hide a few twenties somewhere for those times you forget your wallet or find yourself in a cash only location. Rolls of quarters are useful for parking meters and tolls, and are also great for the vending machines at highway rest stops.

Navigation Assistance

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Test driving a new car often makes people nervous because they know going into it that the salesperson’s goals are very different than their goals. The salesperson wants you to buy the car you drive that day, the shopper usually just wants information about how the car drives. Any time there’s a mismatch in motivation like this, it can make people uncomfortable.

“So,” you might be thinking, “I’m going to have to test drive a car at some point. Am I doomed to having the salesperson hard sell me every time?”

Not at all. It just means you need to have a plan. Here’s how to test drive a car comfortably and get all the information you need to make a good decision.

In the Show Room

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Safety is the most important thing when you get behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t stop to think about how their reckless actions could hurt other people. If nothing else, you should try to avoid these 5 problem behaviors.

1. Drink Alcohol

About 31 percent of all traffic-related deaths involve alcohol.

Most states have responded to this alarming statistic by making stricter laws. Currently, all states have a .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC). The National Transportation Safety Board advises that states lower the limit to .05 percent. Some argue that lowering the level would make little difference because most alcohol-related accidents happen when the driver’s BAC has reached .15 percent. Regardless, drinking and driving puts everyone in an unsafe environment.

2. Use a Phone

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Most people consider themselves great drivers, but even those who warrant the distinction make a few mistakes here and there. As such, it’s necessary to know how to handle the rare (or more occasional) fender bender. Here’s what to do when you’re involved in a small accident:

Precautionary Steps

What to do if You're in a Fender Bender 1

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It’s been a while since the auto-industry had a good revolution. But, auto-makers seemed to have paved the way for 2014 to stand as one of the best years in recent history for luxury cars. What does this mean? It means a leap in flashiness, great performance, a hot image, excellent technology and the feeling of individual specialty. So now, which vehicles meet these standards? Continue reading to find out.

1. Acura MDX


Image via Flickr by MSVG

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Cars are so specialized these days that the idea of adding new features and gadgets has gotten a bit out of hand. In a rush to create practical assists, some offerings have become downright useless while other have become distractions.

1. Interlocked Seatbelts and Starter


Image via Flickr by JetSetJim

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Whether you’re an amateur mechanic or someone who doesn’t know the difference between a dipstick and a chopstick, you might be surprised at some of the things that can damage your car. Here are four things you should never do if you want to protect your automotive investment.

Pressure Washing the Engine


Image via Flickr by Gurdonark

Everyone knows a clean car keeps it valuable longer, but one place where cleanliness may actually be harmful is under the hood. Modern cars have computer-controlled engines and complicated electronic systems. When you force high-pressure water past the rubber seals that protect these sensors and components, you risk serious damage that can cause your engine to malfunction. Your car could stall frequently, or even have trouble starting, not to mention an annoying “check engine” light that refuses to turn off. If you want to clean under the hood, use a garden hose with low flow and cover the alternator, air intake valve and any exposed filters before you start.

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Self-driving cars are the dream of many, but most think they will not see robot cars in their lifetime. However, you could see an autonomous car going down your street in the very near future.

How did it begin?

Robot Cars-Are They Coming SoonImage via Flickr by jurvetson

Google announced their project to begin putting self-driving cars, called GOOG, on the road. Ten Toyota Prius vehicles were converted into self-driving robotic cars. They have been tested in California without incident. The idea for self-driving cars began with cruise control. The robot cars have an active cruise control where the driver sets the speed they want and the car does the rest. When it detects a vehicle in front, the car slows down, and when the car moves over the robot car speeds up again.  continue reading…

Not so long ago, many drivers believed that they couldn’t switch from regular to synthetic oils without damaging their engines. Today, we know that this isn’t true. In fact, switching to a synthetic oil offers several benefits that could add years to your car’s life. Before you make any maintenance decisions, learn the truth about synthetic oils so you can get the best deal.

Advantage #1: Synthetic Oils are Molecularly Consistent

Conventional lubricants are made from fossil fuels that get pumped out of the ground and processed before they are sold to garages and auto supply stores. The processing, however, does not make conventional lubricants molecularly consistent. There are always some inconsistencies that cause the lubricants to break down within a few months of use.

Synthetic oils, however, are man-made for molecular consistency. This prevents certain parts of the lubricant from burning off before others. That means you get a longer life from synthetic oils. Whereas most companies tell you to change conventional oil every 3,000 miles, synthetic lubricants can last for 10,000 to 12,000 miles. continue reading…

Every car lover knows that some of the sexiest and most talented Hollywood actors don’t get paid in dollars; they accept compensation via fuel, oil, and adoring fans. These cars drove onscreen and into the halls of fame, and will always be icons of American culture.

1. 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Fastback

They Did it For the Fame- 5 of the Most Famous Cars of All Time

Image via Flickr by Motor74

Eleanor was the idol and greatest fear of experienced car thief Memphis Raines, played by Nicholas Cage. He feared her so much he saved her for last on that fateful night of high-end car thievery.

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